Thursday, November 12, 2009


Bhargavinilayam(The Ghost House)
Direction A. Vincent
Starring Prem Nazir,Madhu,P. J. Antony ,Vijaya Nirmala
Sreenplay Vikom Muhammad Basheer
Year 1964
Story based on great Malayalam writer Vikom Muhammad Basheer's novel "NeelaVelicham"

Story Thread: It revolves around the strange experiences of a writer who stayed in the lonely large house for writing inspirations. In that house he experienced the presence of Bhargavi's(Heroin) ghost.Then he reveals the mystery behind her unnatural death.

As the influence of this film ,in kerala lonely large homes were called as "Bhargavinilayam"
Result: Very good story wise ,Technically poor(remind about old black and white tech.s)

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